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Talking about Space for Artists

Yesterday I had the opportunity of talking about something I am very passionate about - the need for space for artists.  I believe that exhibition space for artists is crucial to the development of an artist's work.  In a world that wants to put a value on everything, it can be hard for an artist to value their own work if it goes unseen by the public.  Commercial Galleries are a commercially driven entity, and don't always offer emerging artists or young graduates the opportunities they deserve to show their work to the public. 
I founded Tydfil Gallery Ltd as a social enterprise in 2016 in an attempt to offer local artists the space they need to show their work to the public.  It hasn't been easy, but is receiving lots of support.  We still need a permanent space - but for now we are working with local businesses and using pop-up spaces to display the work of our artists.
This project is something I am going to be working more closely on in the future - and any suggest…

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