DC Challenge Frida!

Patrice A has chosen the theme of the Drawing Challenge this week. 

Her wardrobe and personal belongings (which had been locked in a bathroom by Diego after her death) was only recently unlocked and then photographed by the Japanese photographer Ishiuchi Miyako (now exhibiting these images at the Micheal Hoppen gallery in London).

'painted' with  my finger and digital software on a 6x11cm mobile phone screen  
over a portrait taken on my phone.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to dress like this every day!
The trans-formative power of dressing up.

Go Frida!!


Patrice A. said…
dear Joanne,
i am SOOO happy you've joined again!

i didn't know that about her belongings
would LOVE to go to London!
and yes, i wish i was a bit more like her
would love to dress like that
put ribbons, braids and flowers in my hair
hm..... maybe, one day
you look FINE by the way ;^))

thanks for joining!
renilde said…

big smile when i discover the little bells on the prosthesis shoe, that's Frida to me, touching and funny at the same time.
wonderful skirt too.

put some flowers in your hair dear Joanne, it suits you fine!
Veronica Roth said…
HELLO HELLO! SO MISSED YOU! Don't go away again! Love you as Frida and completely understand the corseted and restrictive clothing. A sort of Victorian garb translated for the damaged, broken. How are you doing? How are your studies? Hope all is well. Oh, how's your garden...oh my gosh, so much catching up to do! Biggest hugs in the world dearest.
Carole Reid said…
Hi Joanne! I can't believe you did this on your phone!
So much talent in your finger. xo Carole
you're not the only one this weekend, apparantly, who would dive into frida's wardrobe more often than not... i am very intrigued by those images shot by miyako. i had no idea about the leg brace, i mean, i wondered. this is painfully in our eye though... thxs. n♥
Thank you ladies...
it's good to be back :)
I love the idea of a little Frida Kahlo in all of our minds and hearts. a great version of you this is!
I love the idea of a little Frida Kahlo in all of our minds and hearts. a great version of you this is!
Oh yes, I've too found the photo's Ishiuchi Miyako. They're beatiful.
Colorful selfies:)
Tammie Lee said…
a bathroom full of belongings
treasures to be found at a later time
your portraitsare fun.
Oh Joanne, it's good to see you online again & to see your sweet face so beautifully adorned ! xoxo
curlygirlpress said…
You CAN dress like that every day! You should, it suits you. = )

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